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Vegan Perfume Certificate

Avoiding the use of animal-based products means making many differences in daily life. Veganism; It is a lifestyle that should be treated selectively from our dietary habits to the cosmetics and textile products we use.

A product that is selectively treated by vegans is perfumes. Most of the fragrances used in perfumes are of animal origin. It is obtained by passing the animals through certain processes.

Animal originated fragrances, which are widely used in perfumes; Examples are amber obtained from whale stomach, musk deer, otters and musk obtained from wild animals. These scents are absolutely unacceptable to vegans since they are derived from animals.

Many companies sell vegan perfumes. However, for the sale of vegan perfumes, it must be proved that the products do not contain animal origin products. It must have passed the necessary tests and analyzes specific to the product.

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