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Vegan Hand Sanitizer and Soap Certificate

The importance of hygiene and hand washing has been proven once again with the Covid-19 epidemic that we experience worldwide. This situation has increased the consumption of hand disinfectants and soap that can be used comfortably in daily public transportation vehicles, workplaces, hospitals, intercity travels, camping areas.

While the production and use of hand sanitizer and soap has increased so much, it has begun to seek answers to many questions for those who adopt a vegan lifestyle. For people who advocate a plant-based lifestyle and production of cruelty-free products, it is an important issue whether appropriate production is made or not.

The primary question is what are the factors that prevent hand sanitizers and soaps from becoming vegan?

Since these products are generally alcohol-based, they cause skin dryness. Of course, this situation leads to the use of different components in products to prevent drying effects. The most used moisturizer in hand gels is glycerol of animal origin. Apart from that, they are some animal originated odor substances.

In another situation that prevents hand sanitizer or soaps from being vegan, it is tested and approved on animals. In vegan product selections, "Cruelty-free" products that are put on the market without cruelty should be preferred.

Vegan product manufacturers are obliged to prove their products by passing the necessary tests and analysis processes.

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