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Vegan Cleaning Products Certificate

Veganism has gained momentum in a short period of time and the understanding of veganism has started to be reflected in all sectors. One of Gündem vegan products is household cleaning products. Vegans; They do not accept any materials of animal origin in products such as cleaning materials, nor do they use products that have been tested and approved on animals.

Many studies such as instilling cleaning products in the eyes of animals and applying them to their skin are carried out during laboratory studies. Within the scope of "Cruelty - Free" studies, it must be proven that cleaning materials are tested and analyzed without cruelty in order to be considered as vegan products.

Cruelty-free companies that have certified their products as cruelty-free are preferred by vegans, showing that they are both environmentally and animal friendly. The most common ingredients of animal origin in the cleaning materials used; Used ingredients such as caprylic acid obtained from milk, processed beef fat (Tallow), glycerol and stearic acid can be counted.

The use of animal-based substances and laboratory studies on animals are in stark contrast to the understanding of veganism. For this reason, products labeled Vegan and labeled as "Cruelty - Free" are preferred.

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