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Cruelty - Free Certificate

Veganism; It is known as a way of life in which the consumption of all food of animal origin is denied, including honey, eggs and dairy products. However, veganism rejects not only the diet, but also any product of animal origin in all areas of life.

Cosmetic products are at the top of these products. According to the vegan understanding, cosmetic products should not contain ingredients such as gelatin, glycerin, cholesterol, carmine, lanolin, guanine, collagen of animal origin. The most important issue is that vegan cosmetic products should not be "No Tested on Animals".

Cruelty Free Certificate Criteria

- It should not contain any products derived from animals.
- Ingredients used in cosmetic products and finished cosmetic products should not be tested on animals.
- It should not contain genetically modified organisms containing animal genes and substances of animal origin.
- It must be produced in environments that comply with hygiene rules.

By obtaining the "Cruelty Free Certificate" of the companies that produce cosmetic products, it will prove to the consumers that you are animal and environment friendly. Please contact for detailed information and applications.


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