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Vegan Food Certificate

Today, veganism, which is rapidly proliferating and adopted, necessitates change on nutrition, the most from life habits. The basis of vegan diets is rejecting all foods of animal origin. It is a type of diet in which not all foods of animal origin such as meat and meat products, milk and products, fish, chicken, honey, pollen and eggs are consumed.

Vegan nutrition is divided into application types:

- Ravists: In this understanding, it is argued that foods should be consumed without cooking in order not to decrease their nutritional value.
- Fruvitarians: It is argued that only fruits and cucumbers, zucchini, tomatoes and peppers, which are considered fruits in the botanical sense, should be consumed, since the understanding of the foods consumed to return to the soil and take place in the growth cycle is dominant in this understanding. - Zenmacrobiotic Diet: In this diet, vegans consume vegetables, fruits and grains.

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